Whether you need emergency road service, or a routine checkup, McCahan Body & Trailer has a team of highly trained, professional and experienced mechanics to get you back on the road. We carry the best parts and equipment from some of the best manufacturers.

  • FHWA Inspection-PM Service
  • Collision Repair
  • Roll up and Swing Doors
  • Flooring and Roofing
  • Lining and Cargo Control Systems
  • Marker Lights and Electrical Systems
  • Brake and Axle Service
  • Fifth Wheel and Landing Gears
  • Modifications-Trailer Shortened/Lengthened, Install New Doors, Lift gate Repairs
  • Body Transfers
  • Body Repairs
  • Frame Repairs & Modifications
  • Wheel Base Changes
  • Liftgate Repairs
  • Certified Refrigeration Repairs
At McCahan Body & Trailer Company, we can handle all of your modifications including:
  • Truck Frames and Axle Modifications
  • Venco Hoists
  • Snoway Snow Plows/Spreader Vee-Box and Receiver/Hopper Spreaders
  • Zanotti Refrigeration and Heating Units
  • Conversion of rear Swing Doors to Roll-Up
  • Truck Body Modifications
    • Add/Remove Doors
    • Convert Dry Box to Insulated
    • Liftgate Service Repair
    • Truck Refrigeration Service
    • Body Transfers
    • Hoist and Hydraulic Repair

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- FHWA Inspection-PM Service
- Frame Repairs & Modifications
- Wheel Base Changes
- Collision Repair
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